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    Mr. Li Zhengjun, Deputy Mayor of Xinyang City, Visit our Company for Inspection

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        Mr. Li Zhengjun, deputy mayor of Xinyang City, accompanied by leaders of the Municipal Bureau of Commerce and the Management Committee of Yangshan New District to our company for inspection at 10am on October 28th.
        Chairman Xu Daoyong introduced the production and operation situation in the first three quarters of this year and the second-phase plant construction to deputy mayor Li Zhengjun and other leaders. Mr. Li Zhengjun inspected the production process in our workshop. While affirming the company's development momentum, Li also provided how to important instructions on control operating costs and accelerate the development of the industrial chain to improve core competitiveness.
        The instructions of the leaders are positive and encouraging to us, and have indicated the direction for the development of our company. We will follow the instructions of the leaders and the strategic planning of the company's development, make our company bigger and stronger, and make more contributions to the construction of old revolutionary base areas.