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    Xinyang Financial Operation Delegation Visit Yonghaoxuan

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        More than 60 people from the delegation of Xinyang City's financial system "entering the park" -Furniture industry zone and financial operation dispatch delegation with Mr. Song Hao, deputy director of the Municipal Finance Bureau, Ms. Liu Xuan, director of the Yangshan New District Management Committee, Mr. Jin Xiyue, director of the business center district, Mr. Chen Yong, director of the Finance Bureau of Yangshan New District, and Mr. Ma Qiang, director of the Industrial Office, visited Xinyang Yonghaoxuan Furniture Co., Ltd. to observe on 22th Nov.
        Chairman Mr. Xu Daoyong and vice general manager Mr. Jiang Weiguo introduced the production and operation situation and production technology of the products from January to September this year. The members of the delegation experienced the diversified functions of our company's products and went into the workshop to watch the production process. Mr. Song Hao affirming our company's current operating performance, he encouraged us to produce more high quality products, and create more foreign exchange to stay ahead in the home furniture export industry.