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    Leaders of Yangshan New District Visited our Company to Supervise the Resumption of Enterprises

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   Leaders of Yangshan New District Visited our Company to Supervise the Resumption of Enterprises

On the morning of Feb 19th, 2020, Mr. Chen yanhu, party secretary of yangshan new district. Mrs. Liu xuan,deputy secretary and director. Mr. zheng yong, deputy directors,and jin xiyue, zhang qiang, ma qiang, director of industry office,  came to our company to check the situation of epidemic prevention and control and the resumption of work.

Secretary Chen had a comprehensive and detailed understanding of the situation of the company s reinstatement personnel, the company s anti-epidemic measures, the supply of raw materials, and shipment and transportation. Secretary Chen pointed out: The current epidemic prevention and control has reached the most critical stage, and we must make sure that it is foolproof. First of all, enterprises should comprehensively increase their responsibilities, scientifically prevent and control, and prevent paralysis and luck. On the premise that various prevention and control measures are put into practice, enterprises should organize the resumption of work as soon as possible, with no intention of engaging in production. Secondly, it is necessary to give full play to the functions of various functional departments to provide good services for reinstatement enterprises. The finance, land resources and industrial offices should strengthen research, study the difficulties reflected by the enterprises, and propose solutions. Propaganda helps enterprises to recruit workers, and guides nearby residents to work nearby.

Director Liu requested that enterprises should strictly follow the provincial and municipal regulations, establish an epidemic prevention and control working mechanism, strictly implement the responsibility system, clarify the responsible persons at all levels, such as departments, workshops, teams, etc., and do a good job in the investigation of re-employed employees, and do a good job in health monitoring. And registration, to ensure that the enterprise can safely and safely produce after resumption of work, and at the same time, the relevant departments of the district should rely on the front service and actively care about helping the enterprise overcome temporary difficulties.

When learning about the company's transportation obstruction, Secretary Chen and Director Liu worked on site and promised to help enterprises actively coordinate the Wuhan Railway Bureau to open a dedicated railway transportation line. Our company will continue to increase prevention and control efforts, overcome all kinds of difficulties, to make the company stronger and bigger during such tough times!